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Thread: Just a FYI......

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    Just a FYI......

    Do many of you autopost your website listings into for example facebook, twitter, instagram etc thus getting traffic from them back to your site..?

    I have been helping to bug test a new version of the Nextscripts autoposter and I have to say it's an awesome plugin.

    You can select the post types etc to post to facebook. How often you post. You can event select the times and dates.

    This for me has turned into quite a money spinner as I can offer a service where I can do all the posting for the ad poster / venue owner etc.

    I don't know of any other out there with the flexibility of this plugin.

    If anyone knows of a better one please post below.

    Just incase some of you have not realised the value of

    Click Here for NextScripts Social Newtworks Autoposter

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