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Thread: Need advice: Contact business before adding listing?

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    Need advice: Contact business before adding listing?


    I'm a little peeved by what a business just emailed me. I may be wrong, but let me know what you all think. Long story short, I have a niche directory based on strictly online businesses. I had my own list of these businesses (about 100), added them myself, then contacted the businesses to tell them they were personally chosen to be on the directory. Then I gave them a link to their page and told them they could claim it.

    My directory is totally free (for now). Several businesses have claimed theirs and they were excited/honored about it, but ONE business emailed me saying that "adding a listing without contacting the business first is probably not the best way to do things."

    My question is, how should it be done? Do I just leave my directory blank until businesses decide to add theirs?

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