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Thread: Need an automatic and improved registration / payment work flow! Willing to pay!

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    Need an automatic and improved registration / payment work flow! Willing to pay!

    I have exactly the same problem! It all boils down to... registration / payment work flow. The Registration / Payment work flow for customers needs to be seamless and feel automated. Currently on my site at, people are forced to FIRST register before the can choose a plan and pay. This first step in the work flow sucks... essentially, what is happening is potential new customers are simply registering for WP subscriber accounts and when that is complete, there is no automatic routing to the "pick a plan" and payment pages?! Each step of the work flow; register > choose a plan > complete transaction > create a profile page... needs to be automated. Each step in the work flow needs to automatically launch a browser window/tab to the next step in the work flow.

    The Vantage system is pretty good, but the lack of a logical, automated registration / payment work flow built into the system literally renders it almost useless. With this problem, it is impossible to get consistent customers! For the success of ANY directory system, the registration / payment work flow is the most critical to its success!

    The BEST process would be:

    1). Create a Profile Page / Register.

    The act of creating a profile page, also serves as the point of registration (contact info, login creation, etc...). This is what the best systems do that have already figured this out.

    2). After creating the profile page, (.... putting time into pimping it and making it look good, creating an incentive to invest in the service), the new customer should click on "submit" for the page creation/registration.

    3). After clicking "submit" for the profile page creation and registration, the system should automatically open a browser tab to the "pick a plan & pay" page.

    4). After the plan is chosen and payment is complete, the system should automatically bounce back to the new customers dashboard.

    Summary of ideal work flow:

    Create a Page/Register > Pick a Plan/Make Payment > New Customer to the Dashboard.

    And it should all be automated...

    Is there anyone that can help me to develop this work flow for my vantage directory? I am prepared to pay for a consultation job if necessary to get this done. I think you have to be able to program PHP?

    Robert Lunte

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