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Thread: Need Some Help With A Few Glitches

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    Need Some Help With A Few Glitches

    Need a fix for when you click on create a fishing charter listing the map isn't showing its grayed out and same when you click on create an event... The map shows up on the home page ect. but I think the issue is when you go to page and change the page from default to example add a listing or add an event page in the admin panel. Because when I went to set it to blog the map didn't show so I think the issues are there, but havent any idea with how to fix it.

    Also I would like to charge per category the theme only gives the option to pick just one category if you are not charging for a listing, but if you are charging it gives them unlimited categories can you make a button in the admin section to where I can charge per each one?

    Furthermore my yellow button is gone for add an event...

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