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Thread: Notification Mail for Addons

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    Notification Mail for Addons

    I would like vantage to send an email to the owner of the listing when the event occurs that any addon activeted for this listing is expired. With this email the owner should be able to click on a link to renew the addon for the listing. In fact, it should behave just the way as when a listing is expired. In this case by default vantage sends a mail, but not when an addon (feature on hompage for lets say 7 days) is expired.

    Can this functionality simply be activated somewhere in the theme setings or theme files, and if not:
    is there a recommended hook where I can fire a function which sends this mail. Something like
    PHP Code:
    my_function_send_mail() {
    wp_mail$to$subject$message$headers$attachments );

    and in addition to the questions before:
    any best practise coding patterns recommended for archiving this in vantage ?

    Thank you very much for your support, the vantage app is awesome!

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