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Thread: Pagination support for single posts and pages

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    Pagination support for single posts and pages

    I've just submitted this idea in the ideas exchange but in the meantime if anybody is interested;

    If you have pages or posts will a lot of content in them, rather than separating them into separate pages/posts, if you put this; <?php wp_link_pages(); ?>, in your pages.php and single.php, just below <?php the_content(); ?> like so;
    			<?php appthemes_before_page_content(); ?>
    			<?php the_content(); ?>
    			<?php wp_link_pages(); ?>
    			<?php appthemes_after_page_content(); ?>
    then you can split individual posts/pages into several separate pages by using this <!--nextpage--> when editing the post/page. Just put that wherever you want the page to break and link to the next section.

    See; for more options.

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