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Thread: Plugin / Functionality Advice

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    Plugin / Functionality Advice

    I am looking for a couple things.

    #1 - Is there a way to add the ability for users to add deals or coupons to their listings in vantage. These aren't coupons for payment off their listings but rather coupons they can show on their listings. I see you have the whole clipper theme, but I'm using vantage. Is there a good plugin for this or is the best solutions a custom field for the listings that allows them to put up a discount or coupon?

    #2 - I see the coupons plugin which looks like a good plugin to use for us to offer coupons and things like free trials to actual listings in our directory. Is this plugin 100% compatible with Vantage. When I update vantage after installing this plugin do I need to do a manual update?

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