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Thread: Preload Images Plugin? - Using Rollover Buttons On Sidebars

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    Preload Images Plugin? - Using Rollover Buttons On Sidebars

    This is not a critical issue to me.
    I'd just like to put the question to bed.

    I'm Using Rollover Buttons On My Sidebars.

    When using a Desktop PC there are no problems.
    When using an iPad or Mobile Phone the primary images appear as they should.
    When using an iPad or Mobile Phone the mouseover images never appear.
    But again, the primary image appears fine.

    I can only assume that this is due to a cache difference between Desktops & Mobiles.
    Any opinions?

    AND Has anyone had any experience with Preloader Plugins for Wordpress?
    Does anyone think that a plugin or script would fix the issue?

    I've looked at a couple and most have very poor ratings and/or do not address rollover images.
    I'm interested to hear from people that have had experience with the issue.
    Has anyone out there experienced a similar issue?
    And hopefully found a solution.


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