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    Refresh "search"

    Due to the size and complexity of our existing database we are forced to use MYSQL to manually upload our listings (17k) and categories (6k). We have successfully uploaded and tested an initial group. The two issues we have found are:

    1. Categories not displaying in Admin>Listings> Category> Bulk Actions area (right hand side of the screen). They are visible within the "Parent" dropdown on the left hand side for manually adding new categories. Any ideas how to fix?

    2. The big one - search is not working for "Search For". In writing this I just figured out the issue... post_content_filtered is the actual field searched by the query. So now the question: are "," necessary as breaks or can we just dump all the data into this field?

    Thanks. Overall we are impressed with the out of the box features and look forward to putting our own touch on the final design.

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