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Thread: Search "NEAR" (address, neighboorhood) instead of (city, country)

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    Search "NEAR" (address, neighboorhood) instead of (city, country)

    Is there a hard code solution to make the Search "Near" parameter work for the first pieces of an address (streets, locations, regions, squares, neighboorhoods) instead of City/State/Country?

    My website is a multi-site installation, I am creating an exclusive site for each city in a specific region of my Country, so, there is no sense to make search by City.

    I guess the SEARCH has two problems:

    a) it works based on google maps positioning, returning only the listings NEAR or AROUND the search-term used, excluding itself.

    b) The results ignores completely the database field 'address' in the table WP_*_postmeta (meta_key = 'address').

    Thank you.

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