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Thread: Seperate Address Input on Create a Listing

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    Seperate Address Input on Create a Listing

    Hey Guys,

    Done some searching but cant find anyone that has done this.
    Has anyone managed to separate the address input on the create a listing form so for example:

    As it is now : Street Number , Street Name , Town ....

    What i would like:

    Input Box 1 : Street Number
    Input Box 2 : Street Name
    Input Box 3 : Town
    Input Box 4 : Country

    Having one long line is just a recipe for disaster where people are bound to make mistakes with commas and there will be a lack of consistency with the addresses.
    The custom form feature is only for categories so irrelevant in this space.
    I don't mind if the code condenses the input's and puts it into a string separated by the commas.

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