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Thread: Social Media accounts in Create Listing - A Plugin Perhaps?

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    Social Media accounts in Create Listing - A Plugin Perhaps?

    Hey guys/gals,

    When creating a business listing, a person has the option to choose whether they have a Twitter and/or Facebook account, or both, then add them. But what about LinkedIn or Google+ or other big social media platforms? We don't see the option to add those to the user's choices when they create a listing.

    A. Is this somehow hidden from us and we just need to be told where it is?
    B. This is not available yet or at all?

    Comment: Since Vantage is a "business" listing platform, it would be interesting to have the world's largest business social media platform like LinkedIn as one of the choices.

    Can you assist us with a solution or code we use add to the Create Listing page to include at least the LinkedIn and Google+ options?

    Thank you.
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