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Thread: Use Multiple Listings/Events Map in a new tab on single-listing.php

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    Use Multiple Listings/Events Map in a new tab on single-listing.php


    Has anyone tried to show the 'Multiple Listings/Events Map' widget anywhere other than the List Page Top Sidebar? If so, how did you get past the error message saying that widget can only be used in List Page Top Sidebar? I can't even find where the message originates!

    What I'm trying to do is listings are all campsites, and my events are all 'things to do' like festivals, farmers markets etc. I want to be able to add a tab to single-listing.php called 'Nearby Events' which when selected shows the Multiple Listings/events Map widget for all events near that campsite. And vice-versa, if a user views a single event, I want to have a tab for 'Nearby Campsites' showing all the listings near that event.

    I am happy with how to add the tab. I'm happy with how to add a widget in general to that tab content area, but I can't quite get my head round where this 'checking for what page we're on' is coming from that prevents this widget from displaying. If I could get past that, then I think I could pass in the relevant arguments to pull the widget in using events only or listings only, and with the location specified...

    Any clues gratefully received.


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