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Thread: Use Vantage for Restaurant Reviews or keep Joomla Simple Reviews ?

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    Use Vantage for Restaurant Reviews or keep Joomla Simple Reviews ?

    I have a City Site I have been working on.. a Combination of Joomla and Wordpress

    I will be using Classipress for Classifieds

    Vantage for Business Directory and Reviews ..

    I am already using a Simple Reviews for Joomla for Restaurants ..and in a lot of ways really like it BUT I wanted to get rid of all Joomla Logins and concentrate on synchronizing users logins just wordpress ..(classipress/Vantage/Clipper) I can synchronize Joomla and Wordpress using jfusion.. but not sure if all I am simply going to end up with login problems down the line?

    Anyway .. I have to keep the Site a Mix of Joomla and Wordpress because the (one of the) Main Focus is EVENTS around the City amd I use Ohannah for that .. and want t keep it as it is a excellent event manager

    take a quick look and let me know if you would keep the Restaurant review script I am already using or would you add those to Vantage as well (I'll be adding all the Businesses in town)

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