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Thread: Utilizing Geo Coding in Custom Modifications

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    Utilizing Geo Coding in Custom Modifications

    We are running Vantage with a child theme for functionality modifications. One modification we have running utilizes a custom post type with functions added in our functions.php file to support a shortcode we are adding to the advertising widgets. The custom post type stores banners associated with listings and the functions display the rotating (upon page load) banners in each of the advertising areas. We would like to be able to add a geo-code check, like the one used to display the listings, in order to only display banners associated with the listings within the geo location. I hope that makes sense. Here is our question:

    Is there an existing function we can use/call within Vantage that will return a true or false if an address exists within the location radius? Our modifications already pull in the listing post associated with the banner and we would like to add an additional test to determine if it is within the location radius before displaying the banner.

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

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