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Thread: Vantage - can I set introductory payment plans?? ((HOT IDEA!!))

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    Vantage - can I set introductory payment plans?? ((HOT IDEA!!))

    Hey just need a bit of advice from either a member or moderator.

    I currently have my plans set with monthly, bi-annual and annual payment options, 3 in total with no upsells or features. What I would like to do is offer the same 3 payment schedules, but at a reduced price for my first 100 customers. Is this possible??

    I was thinking to set up another 3 plans for the introductory offer, then once my first 100 customers make first payment, set those plans to private. That leaves me with 2 more questions.

    1- Will setting the schedule to private (once 100 listings are paid for) affect or change the original recurring payment?
    for example - intro offer 40 per month for the lifetime of the listing. 100 customers buy, schedule goes private and future customers pay 60 per month.

    2- What happens if an introductory customer wants to create a second listing? Do they pay full price, or the same as the original plan they chose (which will then be a hidden plan)

    To help you understand what I'm doing here...
    I'm going to have an email opt-in pre-launch. The first 100 customers will pay a discounted price of around 500 per year, for the lifetime of that listing. The plan is available for purchase only on that 1 particular day. After which, all other customers will pay 700 per year.

    Thanks for all your help folks

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