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Thread: Vantage to google map Route

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    Vantage to google map Route


    Since the begining of installing vantage a year ago, I've been wondering from a user point of view that it would be great for any user to click/tap on the vantage sidebar of the map location (which is essentially a google map widget of sorts) for any entry that one would be vieweing, and a new window of google map would appear where the route from my current location(point A) is calculated/shown to the vantage listing I was looking at(Point B).

    This would be especially helpful for mobile devices that would click on the vantage map and their google map app would open and show the path by which to travel to that place is shown. This is essentially the reason why we look at maps right?

    Anyone know how to get that done?

    Further Explanation:

    In order to travel, we look to google maps to figure out a path to go from point A to point B. From, To. And in mobile devices google even gives you a realtime Sat-Nav like icon which travels with (you/your car) and helps you reach your desired destination. If vantage allowed users to click on the map for each of its entries and the route was opened in google maps, the functionality for the vantage map would come full circle. Instead of giving me some written directions, which is basically useless for 95% of the times.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hi All,

    Surprisingly, I just found a post that does something similar in vantage. Google driving directions To Google MapsI'm going to try that now. However I would still like for Vantage to be able to send this info to the users google map app in their phones. That would be so sweet

    If anyone has any ideas on that please share, thanks.

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