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    Vantage Child Theme

    Regarding Vantage - This site

    I have removed the search function since it does not work well, like most WP search functions. The search function is removed by using the Vantage Search Widget.

    There is a SEARCH link on the homepage secondary menu which takes the user to . The user can then select a category (on the right), click on update and then see all listings on the map. He or she can then select the needed location.

    I am considering using the Vantage child theme to have a different look for the directory. Here are my questions.

    1. Will the Vantage Search Widget work the same with the child theme, allowing me to remove the search box on the home page?
    2. Can I still direct users to where they can still select a category and see results on the map? (as I am doing now)

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas.


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