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Thread: Can I restore my Vantage like this?

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    Can I restore my Vantage like this?

    I had a few issues on my WP multisite, evidently from installing & trying different themes, so due to my limited ability I started over fresh. I have been running Vantage on my multisite installed on a subdirectory of the root domain. ie: and I've been running a different theme on the primary url. I still am not familiar with how to identify what files within a backup are needed and how/where to FTP them in order to restore only a certain "leg/theme" on a network and I had an issue with my backup that seemed to eliminate the option of restoring the whole network. So here's what I have:

    1) I renamed my domain on FTP ie: I changed to

    2) I did a fresh install of WP on

    3) re-configured a multisite install

    4) installed a new copy of the theme I'm going to use on the primary domain and have completely rebuilt that leg of the site question is: using FTP can I drag & drop all of the files associated with leg 2 (which is Vantage) back on to the "new" subdirectory leg that is set up exactly like it was previously? Same /vantage which should result in all of the pages, posts, etc and corresponding permalinks to be exactly as they were. I might have a copy of a slightly older backup but it seems that this would be equivalent.

    I've dragged the Vantage theme folder over successfully with FTP but obviously this only installed the theme....not the pages, posts, header logo and other settings. I'm not sure what files contain this info OR where to put theme (or how to identify the appropriate "leg" or "site" that Vantage is installed on within the multisite....which would also be my issue if I were just FTP-ing a backup for only the vantage site on the network.

    Am I correct that it can be done how I've described? And which files & where do I put them? ....then I would be deleting the remainder of the "old" relabeled domain.

    thanks for any help.

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    From what i understand you are interesting in learning how to move your site.In general all content that is in 'wp-content' must be moved.These are all the files of a installation.In 'wp-content/themes' its the template but not the data of your site.The data is in your database.

    So basically when you're moving a site you move the files + database.Here are some links to help you with moving.

    I moved your thread to the WordPress discussion forum.

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