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Thread: Can't post reply to Pre-sales...

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    Can't post reply to Pre-sales...

    I would REALLY love to be able to reply to the thread "15 days - no updates" in the pre-sales forum, and if it's possible to move this thread there, please do so, thanks. To go there and say that its ridiculous that Club Members will have the right to getting their hands on Vantage first is an outrage! Give me ONE GOOD reason why we shouldn't! We have waited just as long, if not longer, for this theme's release, and many of us bought our memberships in order to have the privileges that came with it. If you don't like it then buy the Club Membership, otherwise quietly wait your turn when it's released to the general public! Those are your options simple as that! Making insinuations and complaining isn't going to change anything, so please stop doing so!

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    Hi Laura, thanks for your feedback on this issue. We appreciate the frustration experienced by those who have been waiting for Vantage, so it's understandable that there has been some negative response around the release details. The pre-sales thread you mention has since been closed for further discussion since the initial questions asked were responded to, so likewise I will close this thread to avoid duplicate discussion of the topic.

    To clarify for the benefit of anyone reading this thread who is not aware of the details: The Vantage theme beta release will be March 5th. We are currently testing Vantage internally. Once we complete internal testing, Vantage will be released to Club members and a select group of beta testers. The list for beta testers is closed.


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