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Thread: Let us edit our posts!

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    Let us edit our posts!

    At the moment you are stopped from editing your posts after 10 minutes.

    This makes it impossible to write tutorials for classipress and then keep them issue free (if you post an amendment to your tutorial it will end up at the bottom of the thread possible two or three pages in), it also makes it very difficult for people reading the tutorials as they may have to search pages and pages of posts to find a specific bug fix.

    Please either allow people to edit posts full stop or create a special usergroup for tutorial writers, both these solutions take minutes to implement in vbulletin so there isn't really an excuse.
    To be updated...

    P.S Chive On!

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    Hi mossj88.
    I understand your concern. I'm not sure if the settings are likely to be changed, but I will inquire...
    Meanwhile, as a temporary solution, please PM me with the post info along with a pastebin or dropbox URL for a plain txt file containing your entire re-written post, I'd be happy to help out.
    The search button. Your new best friend.
    - Dubya

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