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Thread: New Vantage Update

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    New Vantage Update

    How about finishing a half finished product? My version does not include half the features it says it does. I am stuck waiting for APPTHEMES to release the next version.

    Vantage seems great - I sure would like to use it.

    I see the updates to the other themes, however the new version of vantage is not available.

    And really what's the reason that the Pre-Sales Questions is locked.

    Why isn't anyone from APPTHEMES communicating what's going on?

    Please stop updating your other themes and complete Vantage.

    Vantage is a game changer like no other theme you have made and as an APPTheme community, I feel it is one that we have been asking for and has been completely left out of the process for.

    I like your products, I like most of your themes, however Vantage has the chance to be an actual legacy theme.

    Please release it.



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