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    I am writting you all with one question, I did not know where to post it but in this category.

    It's not directly related to Classipress, (although I am a happy customer, but I find myself in the same situation as was:

    I have a website (like that I have to "transform"(=change domain name and content) in another website (like the new

    The question for the Classipress Team is:

    How did you "transfer" all the "link juice" you had on google for "classipress" connected keywords, to the new website,

    My website ranks #1-3 for some keywords, and I do not want to loose that when I will change to the new domain name with new content.

    Thank you, hope you can help

    All the best,


    Ps. About the "JobRoller", do you have some screen shots? Anxious to see the difference between that and the competition.. I am thinking of buying that also!

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    Perhaps the developer is busy right now and so I'll answer some of the questions for you.

    With regards to transferring to a new domain name, I think the 301 redirection is the standard thing to do. If you search google for 301 redirect you are provided with a lot of information/guides on how to set it up.

    For a sneek peek on Jobroller including some screenshots you may take a look on this link from the official blog .
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    Thank you and have a nice day.

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