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Thread: Usernames not shown for submitted ads.

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    Usernames not shown for submitted ads.

    Hi there,

    I'm using classipress and VBBridge to bridge users between vbulletin and classipress. What this does is allow my vBulletin forum users submit an advert. It's a great idea as there can be one single user database.

    I know I'm using a unsupported plugin but wondered if the community can help with the following problem:

    Basically, I can only see my username for submitted adverts if it was actually myself. If I log out, it's gone. Log in as another user, again, I see my username against the adverts I submitted, but no one else's.

    I'd be happy to pay for any support with this if someone can help out.

    PS - the classipress site is in beta at the moment. All other areas of the site are fully functional. See:

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    Hi rhancill,

    Can i ask you if this problem is only with ClassiPress and not with other themes you tried? Maybe you should talk with the author of the VBBridge and ask him about your problem.

    Generally as you know ClassiPress is not guaranteed to work with third party plugins nicely without any tweak/mod.

    Moved your thread to WordPress Plugin Exchange.

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