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Thread: Custom field info converted into a Slider

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    Custom field info converted into a Slider

    I need a slider to sit in a post that resembles this

    WordPress Theme Release Status | AppThemes

    the main difference is that I need one slider to run from 0-106 and the second to run from 0-3 and colour change from green for 0 through yellow in the middle and red at the end (3 or 106)

    Alternatively a slider that has a green square at one end and red square at the other and a moving bar that has the number above with a static bar that is predetermind by the catagory

    the position of the slider is on the post is where the relevant custom field would be, it needs to be applied to various catagories and the average marker would vary for each catagory.

    I intend to use it for a dog website to show the quality of the health tests, see Bodhi | Hale Dogs it would be where the BVA hip Score and BVA elbow grade fields are

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    Thread closed....
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