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Thread: Jobroller - Import jobs via an XML file

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    Cool Jobroller - Import jobs via an XML file


    We maintain a number of job related Wordpress websites - that uses the Jobroller Plugin. We seek the services of someone who can get the plugin to import job advert information via the importation of an XML file. Ideally we would like it to read multiple XML files, map the data correctly and do this at regular intervals. An additional request would be for it to read certain jobs 'types' (e.g. Java jobs) within the XML and only post them. Finally we would need it to read the XML file and purge / delete any adverts that may have expired.

    I would expect you would need analyse the Jobroller plugin, write some additional code and configure wordpress / jobroller for it to read an external xml file (which it cannot currently do) and import correctly.

    Once done we would like the person to document this so we can replicate this process across our other job board websites. The XML is generated by a jobboard provider via FTP - we are a recruitment agency. We expect some occasional on-going support might be needed as jobroller releases updates or we launch a new website.

    Happy to pay fixed term or hourly. Let me know?
    Steve Wilson - +61 416495325 (we're in Aus)

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