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Thread: Need someone to make some changes

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    Need someone to make some changes

    I am using Classipress 2.0.6. And I love it.
    Now I need someone to make some changes to that theme.
    I can post new ads from my WordPress Dashboard >> Post >> Add New.
    And then write like this:
    [name]Advertisers Name Here[/name]
    Advertiser's Email here
    [phone]Advertiser's Phone[/phone]
    [yahoo]Advertiser's Yahoo[/yahoo]
    [price]Price Here[/price]

    [description]And product description here[/description]

    Choose the category, then post.
    Everything ok. But, when I post from Email, I cannot choose category.
    Now, I want to easily choose the ads category only by writing [category]category_slug[/category] in the post content.
    Example: if I write [category]health[/category], so the category health will be choosen.
    That's All.
    If you are interested, contact me by Email as soon as possible. I am ready to pay you through PayPal.

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    Re: Need someone to make some changes

    Have you just started using that version?

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