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Thread: New plugin: Advanced search for jobrolller (jobs& resumes)

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    New plugin: Advanced search for jobrolller (jobs& resumes)


    Has a result of a partnership between me(Takanakui) and Spartac from , we created a new Jobroller Advanced Search Plugin called Job Super Search.

    Job Super Search is an advanced search engine for Jobroller (Job board theme by, it
    creates widgets that can be displayed in any sidebar on your website which shows a combination of the
    custom taxonomies and category.

    The plugin allow You to place refine search for jobs or for resumes in any widget area, to help the visitors
    of your web site to find exactly and quickly what they are looking for (Jobs or Resumes) by keywords and
    choosing terms from drop down boxes.

    This plugin makes the search experience a funny smooth experience to your job board visitors.


    • Job Super Search lets you place search widgets (Jobs or Resumes) in any sidebar of your web

    • 2 Widgets in One plugin ( Advanced search for jobs and advanced search for resumes ).

    • Refine search engine will be available for visitors to use to find exactly what they are looking for.

    • The admin ca select the fields he wants to hide or show to the visitors.

    • Show/Hide The search by keyword.

    • Filter of the sites by custom taxonomies ( The standard build-in taxonomies and any new ones )

    • It shows a combination of your custom taxonomies and category.

    • It allows visitors to search within specific categories, or types or salaries or tags as well.

    • Besides searching by keywords, the visitor can combine many terms together (Some or all).

    • Any new custom taxonomy will be created will automatically added to the list.

    • Language translation integration with Jobroller .po .mo files
    Why do I need Job Super Search?

    If your site includes lot of jobs and resumes and it became hard for the job seekers and job listers to use
    the standard Jobroller search engine to find specific data in your site, And they get lost in large number of
    jobs according to their keywords, So Job Super Search is what You need.

    Check out our demo in the product page in Appthemes Marketplace.

    Link to Job Super Search Demo

    Our price 29$ , Hope you all like it.


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    Hi guys,

    We just launched an update in Job Super Search Plugin for Jobroller.

    Now it's possible to the admin of Jobroller to perform a more advanced search in their job listings or in the resumes of jobseekers.
    It's also possible to sort results of the search by more columns than before.

    Take a look at the screenshots attached or find further information in the marketplace Job Super search page. Job Super Search Page

    Have a Happy New Year.


    Best Regards,

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