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Thread: Seeking Quote on Modifications

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    Seeking Quote on Modifications

    I am seeking a quote and time frame for the following:

    Post Form:
    My post form is not working. I think it has to do with a drop down menu I created. It is not selecting a choice properly and tells me all required fields are not complete even when they are complete/selected.

    Also, I am wondering if it is possible for the Featured Listing to allow photo(s) and the description if selected. This would be ideal. If not, I suppose I can monitor this manually.

    Listing Pages:
    I would like for the pages to show this info: Date (seminar date) | Time | Title | Host
    I tried redoing the categories and listing them in this order, but itís just not looking right.

    Single Pages
    Omit the Contact Ad Owner form on the single pages. This isnít necessary for what I am doing.
    Email Spam Vulnerability Fixed in the code. I would like to mask the emails in the code.

    Static Pages
    Omit Archives and Categories on the static pages.

    I am sure I will have additional work later as this evolves, but for right now these changes are my priorities.
    Are you available to do these changes/updates? If so, how much would you charge for these and what would the ideal time frame for completion be?

    PM me with your response.
    - jen

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