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Thread: A useful tool for searching in files.

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    A useful tool for searching in files.

    I noticed a couple of posts where people are asking which file is such-and-such located. There is a great little text editor out there called textpad.

    Textpad, as well as being a funky text and code editor has this brilliant 'Find in Files' function, so you just type in the field you are looking for, point it to a local copy of classipress and viola! It scans the content of the files for the text and even goes through subdirectories. Double click on the results and it opens the page for you. Really handy when trying to reverse engineer something. It even works on Excel files.

    Textpad is shareware and I've been using it for about ten years. (I paid the man his $20 years ago but most people never pay because you never get hounded and it doesn't expire - shame on them). Find it on

    Just though't I'd share.

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    Re: A useful tool for searching in files.

    Thanks for sharing

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