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Thread: Wanted: build a sub-domain mutilsite help

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    Wanted: build a sub-domain mutilsite help

    Hi there

    I am looking for someone who can help me to build a mutilsite.

    What I am looking for is:

    Different catagories on different sub-domain and the category are separate.

    Like below:
    Main domain:
    --- a full classified site. (without house categories)

    -- only house categories on this sub-domain.

    Some important needed:
    -one account can access main domain and subdomain both. no need to regist accont again.
    -can show different theme. (if it is possible,please advise)
    -Here use Multi-language(Japanese,Chinese)
    -no bugs and easy to deal.
    -easy to upgrade in the future.

    Hosting is Hostmonster.

    I have no idea with price. so please kindly provide me a quote.
    If there are any demo, it would be appreciated.


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    Have a look into this...
    The site was launched for singapore alone..but we are expanding to other countries...
    We first are having this this concept subfolders where each folder has a seperate classipress installation, Each becomes a stand alone application.
    When a user is registed into one country he is registered into all the subdomian..
    Have a look into this site
    having a much better way to post ads

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