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Thread: 9 Features Recomended; the last one i$ Money

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    9 Features Recomended; the last one i$ Money

    I got a few suggestion, and hope people find it of similar interest to get 1 or 2 " features considered"!


    1. Sort Function
    new, used, damaged ( users have to pick when posting an ad

    2. Sort Function
    Private Post or Business Post ( users have to indicated during ad submission)

    3. Advanced Post
    Users are able to create an ad for a specific date. The ad will be paused and puplished on that day ( could be for Boxing Day, Halloween, Valentines Day,etc )

    4. Recomend + Sort Function
    Users will only be able to Recommend a post by clicking a thumbs up icon (no negative feedback). By having this function implemented in the Classipress; users will be able to sort ads based on highest Recommendation in their respective category.

    5. Sticky Note
    Have an option where registered users can take notes and ad them as a sticky to an ad for reference. ( only the person who wrote the notes can see them )( for ex, the poster just gave you his address, phone #, quote, or etc)

    6. Save Ad / add to favourite function
    Should be a standard ClassiPress Function in my opinion

    7. Posting Id# ( for ex: ID# 97496 )
    Should be a standard ClassiPress Function in my opinion. It is a very important factor that was left out. Makes it easier for a customer to refer to a post!

    8. Comment Flagging
    I understand that the 3.1 update is going to have flagging option, but how about flagging Comments?

    9. Custom Labeling ( Thi$ i$ Money )
    When a user is submitting an ad; have a text field where this user could put a private text, message, shout out; has to be limited in word count though; then he/she could stand out from the rest for a fee.

    For ex: lets assume this bracket is a text box > ( For Sale )
    ^ text, message, shout out

    Customers could write things such as:
    For Sale, Must Go, Ending Soon, Urgent, Open House, Grand Opening, Prize Reduce, Clearance Sale, 50% OFF, etc

    This Message background would be Red in color and would show up either in, under, or over the thumbnail.

    The Fee for having this option would be awsome; since the user is in control of the text ( they would love it, and so would the site owners )!

    Got a few more Features I could Recommend, but already did enough damage :P


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    I agree with you !!!

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