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Thread: Filter by region

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    Filter by region

    A filter by region (state and cities within that state) such as on would make ClassiPress much more scalable and interesting to those running a classified site in several cities. I know that the search box can be used to filter but from my experience visitors are not used to this. They rather select a category and then a city (or the other way around) and then expect to have a list of items that can be further filtered (by a price range for example).

    Would be awesome if you could implement this in the next release. Thanks heaps...

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    As you can see, the implementation of gumtree on is state/cities setup is done through a subdomain. This setup can be done using wordpress/classipress installs on subdomains. Likewise, it can also be done through Wordpress Multi user install.

    Anyway, the next version release is just around the corner and perhaps will see some features relating to region filtering.
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