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    Lightbulb Voting Page (Poll)

    Hello David, had commented on the voting page (poll) about the new features that could be voted into the next versions ClassiPress and here are some of them, some of which I think should not even be voted more but come by default, more this will of each (not wanting to be selfish enough to want to put new features only in my favor for example).

    1 - To make the login on the homepage without having to click on Login that is tiny and some people take it more difficult to find on the Internet, could be further highlighted or put in as Vantage Business Directory Theme theme that has become more prominent and well differentiated and as in the example below:
    The two together combine well

    2 - A classification of ads by stars like the theme of "", not to have to mess with the plugin "gd-star-rating" or similar product and whether an advertiser is good or bad.

    3 - Increase the size of the ads highlight a few examples of sites that are on showcase, is very miniscule, one among others is good size, (for there seem to be so highlighted) ads are and should be highlighted not only by being moving slider, but also by having a larger size (not need much). Considered

    4 - How many ads can be placed in focus on the carousel? Because let's say around 12 ads appear on the carousel, and about 30 or 40 or more clients want to put their ads in the spotlight, not everyone would be seen.

    5 - Would you like a slideshow for example "smooth-slider.2.3.2 (Slides)" or "DDSlider", albeit with small images would be distorted. Would have to be carefully chosen.

    6 - Option to upload videos in the form of advertisements.

    7 - Place icons in categories easily without code, only upload.

    8 - Option to track how many ads on the blog has to be able to show visitors how much how many ads are published.

    9 - Post ads on social networks (Share) as done in the theme

    10 - An option to link to the author free of advertising, for example you liked the ad and want to call the advertiser. I do not know how to do this, Skype, IP, or something like that just know what works because I've seen this and found quite efficient.

    I would like to know the probability of these and more features are on this issue 3.1?
    It would be nice if it was a page where users could log in to vote, so there is no forgery eg I enter on multiple computers and each make a vote for the same resource.

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