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Thread: Adding new add, can't change category or page reloads

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    Adding new add, can't change category or page reloads


    People using different browsers, have noted that when they are in the process of filling out the New Ad form, that if they end up making a mistake with the category, and want to change it, the entire page reloads. I have tested it and that is what happens to me. For most users if they click the change it restarts the New Ad process and all info is gone.

    I have seen other programs do this successfully, is there a switch or a swap or a magic button that I can jam several times?

    I see there was another question like this in 2012 but that conversation seems to be gone.

    Theme Name
    Theme Version 3.4.1

    WordPress Info
    Home URL
    Site URL
    Theme Path
    WP Version 4.2.2
    WP Memory Limit 40 MB
    WP Max Upload Size 100 MB
    WP Debug Mode No
    Force SSL Admin Yes
    Child Theme No

    Server Info
    Server Software

    PHP Version 5.3.28
    MySQL Version 5.5.42
    PHP Post Max Size 105 MB
    PHP Max Input Vars 1000
    PHP Time Limit 90
    Upload Max Filesize 100 MB
    Display Errors Yes
    SUHOSIN Installed No

    Image Support
    GD Library Installed Yes
    Image Upload Path

    Other Checks
    JSON Decode Yes
    cURL Enabled Yes
    fsockopen Enabled Yes
    OpenSSL Enabled Yes
    WP Remote Post wp_remote_post() test was successful.

    Installed Plugins

    All In One SEO Pack, by Michael Torbert, URL:
    AppThemes Updater 1.3, by AppThemes, URL:
    BulkPress - Export 0.1, by MELONIQ.NET, URL:
    BulkPress 0.3.4, by Jesper van Engelen, URL:
    Better WordPress Minify 1.3.3, by Khang Minh, URL:
    EWWW Image Optimizer 2.3.2, by Shane Bishop, URL:
    Social Icons Widget 0.1a, by Curtiss Grymala, URL:
    WP-reCAPTCHA 4.1, by , URL:
    ZenCache 150409, by WebSharks, Inc., URL:

    Thanks for the help!


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