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Thread: Carousel image size problem !!!

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    Unhappy Carousel image size problem !!!

    Hi guys
    I have read everything about the featured ads in this forum but I can understand why the quality of the pictures are tooooooo low !!! they look blur ! on the other hand the quality differs in Chrome and Firefox and IE !!!! why ? why ? why ? why the carousel must be a bothering feature ? I am sure at least 80 % of the whole customers have chosen this theme just for the way featured ads are shown but DAVID why shoul it make so many problems ? why it shouldn't be as large as needed ? the idea of showing 5 ads is coool but why not clear and and large ? at least as large as possible ! I am sure 100*120 can fulfill every1's need and satisfies both customers of CP and ads posters !!!!
    anyway if u don't wanna add this feature for the sake of the LIFE TIME SUPPORT PROMISE just help me why this happens ?

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