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Thread: Classipress Porgammer needed

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    Classipress Porgammer needed

    Hi guys,

    I need some Classipress expert for the following mission:

    - Create a database called X
    - When I add users on this database they receive an invitation email with their temporary password.
    - When they register they are recongnise as "Verify X" users
    - When they post one advert, they can choose verify (then a ribbon "Verify" appears on the ads and only verify users can see these ads) or normal, then everybody can see their advert. They can choose both of them in the same time.
    - Every users see first "sticky" adverts, then "verify" (if they are verify user), then normal ones.
    - I can make manually one advert "verify"

    I am not sure that my explanation are clear enough. It is a kind of specific group of users+advert that can be recognise automatically because they are in a specific database. Feel free to ask me questions.

    Can you send to me your quote (price and time) for this.


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