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Thread: Draggable map pins when creating a lisiting for classipress

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    Draggable map pins when creating a lisiting for classipress

    It is funny that a vantage theme owner made this as a plugin for vantage theme, after that, theme developers made this functionality a part of the core theme. On the other hand ,classipress theme, that relased at least 3 years ago of vantage, has not got this functionality yet.

    Also,an appthemes developer noticed this need for classipress, a year ago and made a backend version for classipress.He also said that he would make a fronted version in sometimes,stil waiting.

    Classipress official developers and the promisers please make an announcement whether or not you will do it in the future, so plugin sellers can decide to make the plugin and sell it.

    Please reply to this thread, if you want this functionality for classipress.

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