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Thread: Hello just checking in and a few intersting things!

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    Hello just checking in and a few intersting things!


    Just wanted to let those who've been helping me alot, Ray & Talent, that I'm still here! Had a full on few days at work and then SSL issues and other stuff going on - all gave me a massive headache and I'm trying to work out what to do about my site. I see other sites looking beautiful and working lovely, and I just keep slogging away at mine. Anyhow.. I know I will get there in the end and all these trips and stumbles are to help me learn.

    So, interestingly Ray, I have WordFence Security and their emails come through to me all the time with good info on who's tried to access my site, which IP's are blocked, what country they're from etc.,

    So, I got this email where they have a new thing called gravityscan. Very very cool ! It scans your whole website to see if its got any vulnerabilities... perhaps you already have this...

    Anyhow it shows where everything is derived from basically and whether it passes certain checks they do etc. So low and behold..... One guess where my SSL certificate comes from! ? You know the answer to this.... you get it free but I'm paying for it from my host!

    I'll be back tomorrow night for another chit chat!

    Goodnight friends,


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