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Thread: Im BACK!

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    Im BACK!

    Hey everyone... miss me?

    Got my life worked out and im ready to get to work on my FAV WordPress theme. CLASSIPRESS!

    About a year ago i was problem the #1 person for classipress mods and custom work and also a mod her eon the site... well i want to be again.

    Hit me up at for custom work questions, mods, tutorials and now we even offer hosting.

    Thanks guys and i look forward to working with you all again soon.
    Eric is best known in the forum for his in depth tutorials. He started in design 4 years ago and then discovered WordPress and has been coding and hacking themes and plugins ever since. He's quite helpful if you have any questions for him in the forum. Eric also makes his own WordPress themes and plugins and provides ClassiPress consulting on the side. David Cowgill - (Owner of Classipress)

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    Please help our moderating team work more efficiently by not sending us support questions via PM. You can read more about how AppThemes support works here. However, you can send a PM to follow up and remind me if I missed your support request/thread.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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