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Thread: Nothing works??

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    Nothing works??

    Classipress breaks thousands of useful plugins for Wordpress. This is not news.

    But, in some desperation, I have looked through this part of the forum and I cannot find a single instance for recent issues of Classipress where one single plugin works! I see all the completely misleading "Plugin Recommended" tags but they are useless to rely on because none of those threads lead to a plugin that does anything useful that also works for the latest versions of Classipress.

    Useless part of the Forums!

    I have spent two days trying to come up with a dropdown all categories menu that works for ON CLICK.

    The best wordpress plugin that does that, modified as of less than 24 hours due to my requests to the developer, falls apart in Classipress because once it is set up inside the Classipress theme the footer loads the javascript config script twice.

    Even though this plugin works beautifully outside of the Classipress theme.

    Classipress causes the javascript instances to load in the footer twice: this disables a brand new revised Wordpress plugin which works beautifully in Wordpress 3.1 Twenty Ten.

    It would be great if Classipress hired some developers to start PORTING some of the best plugins over to Classipress.

    Classipress invalidates too many valuable Wordpress options.

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