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Thread: Saving multiple checkboxes output as Array

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    Saving multiple checkboxes output as Array

    I have modified the Custom forms in the step-functions.php to give me a Checkbox option and, for now, have this code

    case 'checkbox':
    <?php $options = explode(',', $result->field_values);
    foreach ($options as $option)
    <input type="<?php echo $result->field_type; ?>" name="<?php echo $result->field_name; ?>[]" value="<?php if($result->field_req) echo 'required'?><?php echo $option; ?>" multiple="yes"><?php echo $option; ?><br>

    <div class="clr"></div>

    When the form is posted in a new ad I want the checked values saved in an ARRAY that winds up in the wp_postmeta table in the meta_value field as a comma separated array such as "Jacuzzi, sauna, heated pool..."

    Then I will pull out the values into a list. I have already made the function that does this--pull a comma-separated array into a list and just from custom checkbox values. I see that it must be jsquery that highlights the chosen checkbox arrays when the ad is first reviewed.

    I have tried multiple methods to make the array happen...that after an ad is Submitted the multiple values that are normally appended in such a checkbox in html would be passed along in the browser url.

    Supposedly, the [] added to the name value inside the input code will "cause" php to make its own array when the name for each input field is the same, as in name="custom_checkbox_1[]"... I also added multiple="yes" to signify that that multiple values are expected and allowed.

    This does not work when the values are being grabbed with php functions, however.

    And I have tried methods in the step2.php and in step-functions.php, everything from serialize to implode, to pre-counting array methods.

    My experiments have given me too many php errors or empty arrays.

    Any suggestions on the slickest method?

    Thanks for your kind help!

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