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Thread: Sell a number of adverts in a Package

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    Sell a number of adverts in a Package

    Hi All

    I need to change how the billing of adverts is charged.
    I thought this was part of the system but now I can see that it’s not. I need to change it from billing per advert to billing per package.
    I need billing to work in the following way.

    Adverts sold in Packs

    Buy 1 advert for € 2.00
    Buy 3 adverts for € 4.00
    Buy 5 adverts for € 5.00
    Buy 10 adverts for € 10.00
    Buy 50 adverts for € 25.00


    A user gets to the site and wants to post some adverts. They will need to follow the steps below.

    1. Sign up for an account
    2. Pick a package ( 5 adverts for € 5.00 )
    3. Make payment for package
    4. They then add their first advert
    5. Advert goes live

    At any time the user can come back to the site and use the remaining adverts in their package without be charged again until they run out of adverts.

    Any idea's of how to do this or any plugin I could purchase I would be grateful.



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