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Thread: SPAM Prevention, Recaptcha, Signup

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    SPAM Prevention, Recaptcha, Signup

    Okay so i have classipress rcaptch enabled
    I also have wanguard enabled and it requests a random question on signup

    the issue i have is with spam, despite the above theres a flaw

    I allow people to sign in via facebook accounts using a social connect plugin, lets face it most people have facebook accounts and want the ease of connecting with that. This should be part of classipress these days but thats by the by.

    The problem is you dont have to input a recaptch or question when using facebook signin, so spam gets through that way... the way i want around this is to have a recaptch when POST AN AD is used, that way they have at least some level of security to get an advert placed... as im currently not charging for ads spam gets through (i assume by charging a small fee there wont be any spam)

    anyway is there a way of putting the recaptch on the post an ad form, perhaps a possible option for the next version ?

    Could do with a solution, i dont think people visiting my poultry related advert site want to see 20 adverts for oakley sunglasses.

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    I love to help out you out but please read this first Have you tried to install in a root domain? Have you tried to Resave permalinks? Have you tried to disable all plug in? Have you tried the default theme of Wordpress?

    ++ If the issue is fixed consider closing the thread and change to solved, thank you for helping us helping you. ++

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