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Thread: Why my Classipress powered website uses high server resources?

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    Why my Classipress powered website uses high server resources?

    Hi there,

    I am in middle of decision where either i will be shut down my classified website or suggest me some changes that can save my website.

    According to my hosting provider, my classified website is using high server resources that is about 25% of the server. thats why they have disconnected my database from my website. I am using shared server with default Classipress theme and settings.

    What Hostgator saying is -

    "The large number of rows in the tables are contributing to the account high resource usage. The greater number of rows, the greater the Input/Output load on the server.Reducing the number of rows in the table will decrease the resources consumed on the account.

    Tables | Columns | Total Rows
    | wp_postmeta | 4 | 564007 |
    | wp_usermeta | 4 | 242184 |
    | wp_cp_ad_geocodes | 5 | 69508 |
    | wp_posts | 24 | 35381 |
    | wp_users | 10 | 18672 |
    | wp_term_relationships | 3 | 17705 |
    | wp_cp_ad_pop_daily | 4 | 3814 |
    | wp_cp_ad_pop_total | 3 | 3298 |

    Wordpress starts becoming inefficient at handling between 1500 and 2500 posts, 5000-6000 comments, and over 7000 tags. These values will vary based on the plugin configuration on the domain. Once these numbers double, it becomes exceedingly inefficient, and consumes a very high amount of CPU resources to process the scripts and queries to and from the MySQL database."

    My classified website has 18,000 users with 17,000 live ads. If i am comparing with Hostgator statement above, my website has crossed their limits.

    So, come to final question - Is Hostgator statement about Wordpress capability is correct? if answer is NO then how can i handle my high server resource issue?

    Since this problem have came i have tested lots of thing on my website like - cache mechanism using WP Super cache plugin, disabled cron jobs, disabled view count etc. but all are unsuccessful. You guys are the last hope for me, Please help.

    Thank You.
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