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Thread: Confirm Plugin Not Working - No Email Being Sent

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    Confirm Plugin Not Working - No Email Being Sent


    I have just purchased this plugin, and unfortunately it isn't working.

    For testing I have created a new user and can confirm that I don't receive any confirmation email. I do however receive the normal, "Thank You for Registering Email" that comes standard with Clasipress.

    There are no error messages, and the plugin is enabled/active

    Here are the details of my Classipress installation, and the theme I am using:

    Theme: ClassiPress - Adsplash Child Theme

    WP Version 4.2.2
    WP Memory Limit 40 MB
    WP Max Upload Size 128 MB
    WP Debug Mode No
    Force SSL Admin No
    Child Theme Yes

    Server Info
    Server Software Apache
    PHP Version 5.6.10
    MySQL Version 5.5.44
    PHP Post Max Size 128 MB
    PHP Max Input Vars 1000
    PHP Time Limit 120
    Upload Max Filesize 128 MB
    Display Errors Yes
    SUHOSIN Installed No

    Image Support
    GD Library Installed Yes

    Other Checks
    JSON Decode Yes
    cURL Enabled Yes
    fsockopen Enabled Yes
    OpenSSL Enabled Yes
    WP Remote Post wp_remote_post() test was successful.

    Installed Plugins

    Akismet 3.1.3, by Automattic, URL:
    AppThemes Confirm Email 1.0, by AppThemes, URL:
    CP Category Icons 1.0.0, by Reload Web (Ahmed), URL:
    Delete Associated Attachments 0.1, by FabTalent Media, URL:
    EU Cookie Law 2.5.3, by Alex Moss, Marco Milesi, Peadig, Shane Jones, URL:
    Wordfence Security 6.0.11, by Wordfence, URL:
    WP Email Styler 1.0.6, by Roi Dayan, URL:

    Any help appreciated.



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