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Thread: Pending User Error & Resubmit email for activation

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    Pending User Error & Resubmit email for activation

    Hi, I purchased this plugin and I installed it in, but I am experiencing 2 problems:

    1- The goal of this plugin is to send a confirmation email to users in order to verify their acc. My system sends the email correctly, but sometimes I have users that delete the confirmation emails by mistake, so I do not know how to resend another confirmation email. Right now, I am solving the problem by activating manually the account, but I do not believe this to be a professional solution.

    2- Some users confirm the account with the confirmation email, but on the USERS panel they are still "pending", as a result, they cannot publish any ads. It happen in 10% of the cases.

    Can you please help me in solving this issues? I am sure that many other CP owners will benefit from it

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