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Thread: Images in Eva Blue not coloured correctly

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    Images in Eva Blue not coloured correctly

    Howzit TGS!
    Been awhile since we last spoke. Hope you & yours are all well.

    Been reskinning the site in the company of the lovely Eva and just thought I'd let you know that I found 3 images in Eva Blue that aren't correctly coloured. Or at least, the 3 steps png files in my eva-blue folder aren't particularly blue [step.png, step-active.png, and step-done.png]

    No worries, I nicked the correct ones off of your demo so I'm good. The site is at if you want to see how I've been playing with Eva. (Password is jobpro1 if you happen past when the thing is locked down to the public.)

    Still a fair bit to do, but most of the css stuff is done right now.

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