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Thread: Authorize gateway not including resume plan

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    Authorize gateway not including resume plan

    FXTender Pro:
    JobRoller 1.7

    Note: Last night I just pulled down a fresh copy of the db from our live environment to staging, so I know the two dbs are exactly the same.

    So I have an interesting bug on our live environment, we have group plans enabled, so when someone submits a job, or buys a job plan they have access to jobs and to browse resumes. This is called Resumes Addons in the payments >> job plans section of the admin.

    On our staging server if I put through an order (bank transfer, I manually approve in the back), the resume subscription is added onto the order.
    On our live server, when a user puts through an order (Authorize), the plan is NOT included, and as such the users are left without the ability to browse resumes, despite having paid for it.

    So, the only difference is that the client updated wordpress last night (but I have found this error on orders before that event, so highly unlikely),
    and the payment gateways.

    So why would the payment gateway modify the plan being assigned to users?

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