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Thread: Action hooks and filters

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    Action hooks and filters

    Still cant get my head around these but I need help.

    I am trying to position a custom post type in between the search bar and bread crumbs on the ad category page for all ad categories.

    The reason being I am using the rich category description fields plugin. This creates a custom post type called cats and tag pages.

    I have managed to get a working slider to fit in this no problem based on the simply responsive theme.

    I would like the custom post type box created by this plugin to be positioned above the bread crumbs and below the search bar.

    See Image:

    Attachment 8263

    The reason the box sits here like in the photo is because of this code:

    add_action( 'appthemes_before_loop' , array( 'cp_rich_desc', 'tax' ), 1 );

    Is there a hook or filter I can use to move it between the search bar and breadcrumbs?



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